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Mobilizing For Sustainable Development
Volume 1, Issue 1 Winter, 2007 Sojourner-Douglass College

Affordable Housing and Economic Development

SDC Creates a Community Development Corporation (CDC)—
The cornerstone of gentrification is the way it drives housing costs beyond affordability for low-income residents. Therefore Sojourner-Douglass, in collaboration with the East Baltimore Community Corporation and the Tenant Councils of the five public housing complexes within the College's immediate service area, is establishing a community development corporation to develop affordable housing for residents wishing to remain in the community. Public housing residents are among the most vulnerable to gentrification. The CDC intends to research and implement some of the best practices used in successful, resident-driven affordable housing initiatives that we can find, including sweat equity and greening technology.

Expanded Small Business Incubation—
A vital function in building grass roots capacity is elevating the notion of small business development to a more prominent place so as to not depend too heavily on employment by others. The College intends to greatly expand its small business incubation activities to promote and support more resident-owned business start-ups and more job creation by resident-owned businesses.

East Baltimore Steering Committee—
This Committee's objective is the creation of a tactical community revitalization plan for Greater East Baltimore. Long-range plans of this nature have proven to be invaluable instruments in the hands of marginalized community residents who are determined to have a voice and a legitimate place at the table along with other stakeholders in planning for the future well-being of their community. The East Baltimore Steering Committee will act as an intermediary to bring together all the neighborhoods in the area that are working on revitalization plans into an integrated and comprehensive planning process that maximizes community assets and resources. This broad based, community mobilization strategy will create transparency, opportunities to coordinate planning efforts, minimize competition, leverage resources, shape social economic policy, enhance the capacity of community groups to advocate for all the residents in East Baltimore, and bring residents and stakeholders – heretofore not involved or engaged – into the process. We firmly believe that these activities represent a more equitable alternative to the growing problem of gentrification, and we invite all stakeholders and people of good will to join us.

For further information, or
to become a member or
supporter of the East
Baltimore Steering
Committee, please call:
Jamal Mubdi-Bey
Office of
Community Outreach
Sojourner-Douglass College
500 N. Caroline Street
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 276-0306, Ext. 242

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