Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities


Sponsored Programs and Applied Research's Mission


SPAR is a service support unit that uses a research/outreach model to assist the College in seeking funds to support creative and scholarly research activities. SPAR also establishes and maintains systems to ensure that the College's fiduciary responsibility and stewardship over funds is managed in accordance with the awarding agency terms and conditions, and federal, state, and local requirements. Specifically, SPAR services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing information about federal and non-federal potential sources of funding
  • Assisting in the development of proposals to meet funding agency criteria
  • Assisting with proposal preparation including budget development
  • Providing final clearance for all proposals
  • Providing final acceptance of all awards including review and negotiation of award terms and conditions and appropriate execution of the award document
  • Acting as a liaison to the funding agencies concerning issues of post-award administration including project extensions, budgetary modifications, and report submission
  • Working with faculty and other personnel to solve problems encountered in accounting, purchasing, personnel, and other areas related to the award
  • Providing training to faculty and other personnel on research related issues and regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, local, system, and college regulations, laws and policies related to research and external funding of sponsored projects.

Research / Outreach ModelSPARís approach to engaging staff and faculty in research is centered on the community, which is in keeping with Sojourner-Douglass Collegeís mission and the reason it was established. Then SPAR uses the creativity of staff, faculty and partners to seek funding opportunities that foster new programs and enhance existing programs. In this model, SPAR staff recognizes that it is essential to establish collaborative relationships with funding agencies, politicians, and other institutions to increase the Collegeís resources and credibility. Using this paradigm to seek funding, SPAR believes that it can create a Research/Outreach Culture at the College.