Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities



Sojourner-Douglass College is interwoven with the fabric of the community from which it was created. Our goal is to strengthen that fabric by building a self-determined, self-sustaining and economically healthy community that empowers residents at a grass-roots level. The following values are integral aspects of the vision and goals of the Office of Community Outreach and Sojourner-Douglass College:

Stimulate social and economic change from the bottom up by empowering all residents to participate in the development of their community. By creating relevant and innovative initiatives that directly address the economic, political and social issues obstructing progress, we can motivate broad-based participation in the efforts to transform our community.

Establish new rules of engagement, whereby residents can prevent outside forces from detrimentally exploiting community land and resources. All community-generated wealth should remain in the community and benefit those who live there in order to promote and sustain genuine economic growth.

Create an independent, community-based economy. A healthy economy emerges not from the influence of outsider investments, but from the ability of community residents to fulfill the consumer needs of fellow residents. The foundation of such an economy rests on the capacity of resident-owned businesses to produce the community’s essential needs, such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, medication, education and communication.

The Office of Community Outreach, working with like-minded people, can – and will – achieve our vision. Holding to these three aspects of our vision, we can help empower residents to develop and sustain an economically sound and vital community. Self determined. Self-sustaining.

To learn more about the Office of Community Outreach at Sojourner-Douglass College, please contact Jamal Mubdi-Bey.