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Walter P. Carter Community Library

Photocopying And Printing Services

Effective September 1, 2011, students must bring your own paper if you plan to print or photocopy over 10 pages. Students will be allowed 10 free copies. Paper can be purchased for five cents per page. Cash ONLY!

Printing is available from all computer workstations. Students utilizing the Printer for computer use must provide their own paper for any copy job over 10 sheets. Printers are preset. Changing any settings on the printer or computer is prohibited. If you have other printing needs, ask for assistance from the Library Staff.

Why has the library implemented pay printing?

The primary reason is to get printing under control. People have been printing enormous amounts (entire books – sometimes as much as 300 pages have been printed) and leaving much of it. Students and faculty routinely print documents that they never pick up.

This charge will reduce the costs related to careless and wasteful printing and photocopying. In addition, this policy will force users to be more selective of their printing.

This also puts a considerable strain on the library’s budget, i.e. paper and toner cartridges. Furthermore, since the introduction of this policy, there has been a significant reduction in the number of unclaimed or accidental printing jobs. This policy is a fact of life in most college libraries these days.

I already pay a College technology fee and Photocopy fee.

Those fees cover the computer toner, printers and photocopying course related materials. However, printing and photocopying copyright materials without the required permissions are not allowed, i.e. textbooks.

Can I pay for the printing and photocopying with debit/credit card?

Cash only will be accepted.

Why 5 cents a page?

If you check around at other local college libraries, i.e. Morgan, Towson, University of Maryland, BCCC, that charge, our price is less than what is charge at their college’s libraries.

You have the option of bringing your photocopy/printing paper which several students opt to furnish. Please remember that you are allowed 10 “free” photocopies and printing.