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Walter P. Carter Community Library

Guidelines for Computer Use

Users are expected to use the computer resources in an appropriate, ethical and legal manner. Any activity that violates local, state or federal laws, including copyright laws, is prohibited.

Users are allowed to use only one computer at a time.

Users must use earphones when accessing audio files. The Libraries do not supply earphones.

Users will not change or modify hardware, software configurations or install software on the computers.

Users must take all reasonable precautions, including responsible password maintenance and file access protection measures to prevent use by unauthorized persons.

Users are prohibited from accessing any chat sessions, including instant messaging or playing online games.

Users may not send, receive or display inappropriate materials that may reasonably defined as obscene.

Users may download or send data via email, if it is not deemed obscene. All data must be downloaded to a storage media. (Anything saved to the computer hard drive, including bookmarks, will be deleted.)

Users are not allowed to upload any programs to the Libraries' computers.

Users may not change settings of Library computers without the express permission of the Library staff

Tampering with or disabling of the Library’s computer hardware or software, or introducing viruses is strictly prohibited.

The Library’s computers are to be used for lawful purposes only.

The Library is not responsible for the content of the Internet, which contains material which may be inaccurate or offensive to some individuals.

Serious or repeated violations of the Computer Use Policy may result in suspension of Library services.