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Inner Harbor East Academy For Young Scholars

Goals - page 4

BCPSS Master Plan Objective 4: Design and implement effective and cost-efficient management systems and practices to improve the support of instruction.

Academy Goal IV: Leadership of the Academy will establish a management system that provides for effective and cost-efficient administration.

Objective IV.A.1: Maintain a highly qualified staff for instruction and management.

Objective IV.A.2: Utilize state-of-the-art technology to support administration and management.

Objective IV.A.3: Establish and maintain a fiscal accounting system utilizing generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP), district and state standards as measured by an annual independent audit.

Objective IV.A.4: Establish an appropriate reporting system for all information required by the district and the state. Measure: Achievement of Goal IV objectives will be documented in Academy's Annual Report.

BCPSS Master Plan Objective 5: Increase the level of parent, family, community, and business involvement

Academy-Specific Goals

Academy Goal V: Bridge the digital gap in the Baltimore community to reinforce learning in the home and classroom.

Objective V.A.1: Increase the computer/student ratio in the classroom and at home as documented by the number of computers available to families.

Objective V.A.2: Connect families to community-based computer/technology resources as documented by records of resources available, parent training and resources utilized.

Academy Goal V.B: Develop an outreach strategy to involve parents and community in the academic process.

Objective V.B.1: Develop a parent contract to increase involvement in the educational process as documented by signed contracts and stakeholder feedback.

Objective V.A.2: Convene community town meetings to report Academy progress documented by schedule, attendance, agenda and attendee feedback.

Objective V.A.3: Recruit/involve community-based organizations in the life of the Academy. Documented by listing Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) involved, descriptions of involvement, and feedback.

BCPSS Master Plan Objective 6: Provide secure, civil, clean, drug-free and orderly learning environments.

Academy Goal VI: Create and maintain an exemplary customer service environment

Objective VI.A.1: Design a customer service plan.

Objective VI.A.2: Train the staff to perform in accordance with the customer service philosophy.

Objective VI.A.3: Implement a comprehensive, preventive drug education program.

Objective VI.A.4: Maintain a facility that is clean and secure.
Measure: Documented records of the customer service plan design, the emergency preparedness plan, staff training and stakeholder feedback (surveys, focus groups, and informal discussion).

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