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Inner Harbor East Academy For Young Scholars


A correlation of the Inner Harbor East Academy for Young Scholars mission and goals to the BCPSS Master Plan II, Objectives 1 through 6 exists. The ecological approach to increasing student achievement is closely aligned with the spirit and intent of the mission and goals set forth in the Baltimore City Public School System Master Plan II and the No Child Left Behind Act. Specifically, the ecological approach will improve student achievement by improving the environment for learning generally and the quality of instruction specifically.

The Inner Harbor East Academy for Young Scholars incorporates the BCPSS two (2) broad goals (i.e., Goal I: Improve student achievement and Goal II: Establish effective management systems in support of quality instruction) and the supporting objectives into its proposed goals and objectives.


BCPSS Master Plan Objective 1: Increase student achievement, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Academy Goal I.A: Improve student achievement.

Objective I.A.1: Increase student achievement in reading, mathematics, English/language arts, science and social sciences as measured by outcomes of: state/district mandated testing; school selected standardized tests given at enrollment and repeated annually; and a system of authentic evaluation developed by the Academy.

Objective I.A.2: Increase student skills in the use of technology as demonstrated by achievement of age appropriate benchmarks for computer literacy which include use of a PC, fluency in commonly used software, ability to write on a computer, ability to do research on a computer, and Internet literacy.

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