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This Month's Spot Light shines on: Willie J. Pack

Willie J. Pack

The experience at Sojourner-Douglass College (S-DC) was one that will resonate with me forever --- for it was spiritual and worldly. Spiritual in that, I was amongst people who is the essence is of GOD . . . worldly, for I longed for self-improvement and the ability to help others. A degree of Higher Education opens the door of opportunity for self and self-actualization. I gained more insight into the people of my culture, ancestrally and present. My experience at S-DC has sewn into my fabric, my spirit, respect and admiration for those that have paved the way more-so than before and my classmates --- who brought many different intellectual view points to the classroom. Knowing the true stories and understanding the legacies of those that paved the way before me, in my opinion, has propelled me to the next level of critical thinking and self-actualization. My S-DC experience has freed me, wholly, from the incarceration of self-doubt, self-defeating ideologies, and self-destruction. My experience at S-DC has provided me with limitless opportunities to make all my dreams and hopes come to fruition.

The faculty at S-DC is truly a group of talented and learned professionals, who have returned to the community and dedicated their time to pass on the knowledge they have earned from Institutions of Higher Education and their personal life experiences. My experience, as you can see was fruitful. I believe they have the skills and the knowledge to teach at any University or College. What I learned from my Instructors, I use in my everyday endeavors. It works!

The mission of SDC (self-determination and self-empowerment) affected my life; the answer is emphatically . . . Yes! At S-DC, critical thinking is necessary; you will not succeed there if you choose to do the minimum. You are, let us say, encouraged to do the best you can. More often than not, your best became better. In moving from best to better, you become determined to succeed, not just in the classroom, but also in life. You move from having someone think for you . . . to you doing the thinking, evaluating and providing solutions with proven and empirical support. S-DC drives a student to be effective in whatever task that is set before them. That is empowering!

Willie J. Pack Sr. employed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, for twenty-two years and works under the title of Environmental Marine Construction Representative.

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