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Alumni Office Descriptions

The following are the officers and the position they hold:

President - The President shall preside over the meetings of the Association and chair the Nominations Committee. The President shall be responsible for the general management of the Association affairs. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President has the authority to appoint assistant officers as deemed necessary during his/her term. The President has the authority to appoint special committees as needed. Cheryl Bailey
Cheryl Bailey, BA, MPA
Ex Officio Ė All Committees
Chair, S-DCNAA Nomination Committee
Co-Chair, S-DCNAA Chapter Committee
Vice-President - The Vice President shall perform the functions of the President in the Presidentís absence and chair the By-Laws Committee. The Vice President shall also chair special committees as assigned by the President. In the case of a vacancy of the office of President, the Vice-President shall automatically assume the office of President. Beverly Mason
Beverly Mason
Chair, S-DCNAA By-Laws
Chair, S-DCNAA Alumni Prayer Breakfast 2010
Co-Chair, S-DCNAA Chapter Committee
Parliamentarian - The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for maintaining Robertís Rules of Order during the monthly Association meeting. The parliamentarian shall be responsible for dismissing any member displaying inappropriate and disruptive behavior. All other duties as expected of this office. Unavailable
Joseph Brown, BA
S-DCNAA Parliamentarian
Chair, S-DCNAA Membership Committee
Recording Secretary - The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of every Association meeting. The Recording Secretary shall read the minutes of the previous Association meeting at each meeting for approval by the majority vote present at the meeting. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all Association records. All other duties as assigned to this office. The Recording Secretary shall preside over meetings if the President and Vice President are not in attendance. Pamela Flamer
Pamela Flamer, BA, MHS, PhD (candidate)
S-DCNAA Recording Secretary
Chair, S-DCNAA Community Outreach
Financial Secretary - The Financial Secretary shall distribute receipts for monies received by the Treasurer, assist the treasurer in compiling written reports, and be a member of the Finance Committee. Alicia Hodges
Alicia Hodges, BA, MBA
S-DCNAA Financial Secretary
Chair, S-CNAAA Scholarship Committee
Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for the timely collection, recording and banking of all Alumni dues and monies raised. The Treasurer will be responsible for reporting the current financial standing of the Association at each meeting. The Treasurer will be responsible for the payment of Alumni liabilities as approved by the President of the Association. The treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee. All other duties as assigned to this office. Vernetta Aziz
Vernetta Aziz, BA, MBA
FINRA 6, 63
S-DCNAA Treasurer
Chair, S-DCNAA Finance Committee
Chair, S-DCNAA Alumni Induction Ceremony