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Graduate Admissions Policy and Procedures

In adopting its graduate admissions policy, the College recognized the range of cognitive styles and varied experiences of its prospective students. Therefore, the College, consistent with its mission to provide quality programs to under-served populations, subscribes to the philosophy that a range of criteria must be considered in the evaluation of applicants to its uniquely designed graduate programs in the applied social sciences. In making judgments about which students are in the best position to benefit from work at the graduate level, the following are among the criteria considered to be of primary importance:

  1. The applicant must submit all required admissions documentation to the Graduate Admissions Committee by the deadline date. The application documentation must include the following:

    *A fully completed Sojourner-Douglass Graduate School Application for Admission form.

    *A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution that within the judgment of the admissions committee is relevant to the graduate program selected.

    *Official transcripts of academic degree work completed must be forwarded to the Graduate Admissions Committee directly by the granting institution(s).

    *An overall grade point average: 2.50 (4.00 scale) minimum; 3.00 preferred. Junior and senior grade point averages: 2.80 (4.00 scale) minimum: 3.00 preferred.

    *A 3-5 page typed, double-spaced letter of intent. This letter should provide insight into the applicant's level of motivation and sense of purpose in pursuing a master's program and should demonstrate the applicant's writing skills and personal/professional communication style. Topics to be addressed in the letter include information regarding forces that have influenced the applicant's professional goals, how the graduate program will help meet them; and any other information that would help the Admissions Committee understand the applicant (e.g. special interest, awards, honors, and special accomplishments.)

  2. The applicant must provide test scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the General Management Admissions test (GMAT) to the School of Graduate Studies. Test scores may not be more than 5 years old prior to the date of application.

  3. A minimum of three years of work experience relevant to the degree sought with supporting documentation. A current resume or curriculum vita say satisfy this requirement.

  4. A personal interview with the Admissions Committee initiated by the applicant, after the applicant has been advised that the application packet is complete.

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