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Graduate Admissions Policy continued......

Before an admission decision is rendered, all materials must be received as outlined in this policy. All materials submitted to the office of Graduate Admissions become the sole property of Sojourner-Douglass College and will not be returned to the applicants or forwarded to another institution.

All applicants will be notified of the College’s decision to offer regular admission, provisional admission, deferment of admission or denial of admission. Applications that are not completed within two years from the date of filing will be destroyed.

Other Academic And Administrative Requirements

  1. Graduate Application Fee - Each application for graduate study at SDC must be accompanied by a $40 non-refundable application processing fee.

  2. Residency Requirements - Students must fulfill the residency requirements as specified by the College. All work undertaken for completion of the master's degree programs must be completed within 6 years of admission.

  3. Re-admission to the Graduate Program - Any graduate student who has not been in attendance in SDC Graduate Program for one or more trimesters must submit an application for re-admission. For details on re-admission, students should consult with the Office of Graduate Programs.

  4. Oral Exams - At the completion of course work, students are required to take an oral exam covering core and specialization courses which is a part of the defense of the Project Demonstrating Mastery.

  5. Requirements for Graduation - All candidates for the master's degree must complete a minimum of thirty-nine (39) credit hours at Sojourner-Douglass College. Courses must be completed within a period of five consecutive years. Previously completed credits may not be transferred in order to satisfy any of the Core Courses required in the program. All students are required to produce a quality applied research paper about a community issue, concern or problem. Each student must participate in an oral defense examination regarding his/her research paper. A Project Demonstrating Mastery (PDM) must be approved, submitted, completed, and defended to the satisfaction of the committee before advancing to degree status.

  6. Transfer Credits
    A student may transfer up to 6 credits in the area of specialization.

  7. Graduate Advisor Appointment and Mentor Assignment
    After formal admission to graduate study at Sojourner-Douglass College, an appropriate faculty member(s) from the student's concentration will be appointed to provide academic guidance, develop and/or administer the written or oral comprehensive examination, and supervise the required practicum and thesis (PDM). Each student will also be required to obtain an external mentor from the professional field of the student's concentration.

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