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Last Updated - July 2007
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Campus Security

Each student at Sojourner-Douglass College has:

  1. Freedom of Access to Higher Education: Admission is provided without regard to race, sex, national origin, or religious or political persuasion.
  2. Freedom of Expression: Faculty should encourage free discussion, inquiry, and expression. Student performance should be evaluated on an academic basis (attendance policies included), not on opinions or conduct and matters unrelated to academic standards.
  3. Freedom of Association: A student is free to organize and join an association.
  4. Freedom to Participate in Institutional Government: A student should be free, individually and collectively, to express his/her views on institutional policy and on matters of general interest to the student body.
  5. Rights of Citizenship: As members of the academic and the world community, the student enjoys the same freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, and the right of petition that other citizens enjoy.
  6. Academic Programs: A student has the right to know what programs are available at the College.
  7. Policy: A student has the right to know the College's policies.
  8. . Standards of Progress: A student has the right to know how the College determines whether he/she is making satisfactory progress, and what happens if he/she is not.
  9. Right to Due Process: A student has the right to expect an equitable solution to grievances, regardless of the nature of a complaint. The appeals process is posted in the Registrar's Office and in the Student handbook.

Each student at Sojourner-Douglass is responsible for:

  1. Being an active participant, and self-directed learner in his/her educational process;
  2. Adhering to institutional rules and regulations in the course of campus activities; and
  3. Reading, understanding and accepting responsibility for all forms that he/she signs.
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