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The purpose of the College is to provide a learning model which will aid students in increasing their capacity for self development and self expression, and will facilitate their engagement in effective social action as members of the world community.

At Sojourner Douglass College, we believe there are no sharp distinctions between living, learning and working. Therefore, we approach the community as a learning laboratory where learning can be reconciled with action and study, a concept which reflects student growth through social and academic utility.




Within the general goals of establishing an independent institution for historically by passed people, specific objectives have been designed to:

1. Assist community people in the development of skills and mind sets necessary to gain control over social, political, and economic forces which shape their lives;

2. Provide the climate and orientation necessary for leadership and community development;

3. Foster greater emphasis on self fulfillment, self renewal, personal liberty, self awareness, self learning, social justice, and self determination;

4. Foster greater commitment to fundamental social change, diversity, and pluralism; and

5. Provide the student with the opportunity to improve the quality of life for him/herself and the community at large through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, resources and attitudes necessary for a variety of needs.




The determination that you draw upon to support your family, educate your children, enrich your community and succeed in your career—your curiosity about life, the world, its history and its future—these gifts are sources of strength. Imagine what you will be able to accomplish when you focus this strength on self-development. Imagine the possibilities in a collegiate program designed especially for you!

We honor the legacies of African-American abolitionists Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass by helping working adults to increase their capacities for self-development and self-expression. We support our students in real-world ways. From our child-care program to our weekend and evening class schedule, we demonstrate our dedication to providing working adult learners with the support system they need to thrive in a college program.

At Sojourner-Douglass College, we have designed a challenging academic curriculum and a support system for adults which respect life experience and real-world responsibilities. Our students come to us from many different backgrounds. All of them are at home at Sojourner-Douglass. Our learning environment is both stimulating and nurturing. We meet you where you are, and build up your strong points. We will help you to focus on completing this task. We believe in you and your ability to succeed.




I. To provide quality individualized undergraduate and graduate programs in higher education leading to the baccalaureate and/or masters degree in the applied Arts and Sciences.

II. To develop concepts and skills needed to assist communities in shaping qualities of direction and determination.

III. To assist urban and rural students in developing an awareness of and appreciation for the dynamics of diverse communities.

IV. To provide, in a pluralistic environment, access to an opportunity for higher education to minority students throughout the state of Maryland and beyond.

V. To equip the student with concepts and skills for assisting communities in shaping qualities of direction and determination.

VI. To prepare the student to meet the requirements of his/her chosen profession.

VII. To provide the techniques which will assist the student in developing skills in articulating and sharing learning.

VIII. To provide the setting in which the student can participate as a self directed learner.

IX. To develop leaders with the capacity to apply theory to community problem solving.

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